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Roy was written in 2003 and 2004. It was an experiment in song writing where I explored expressing various snapshots of how I've felt at different times of life. The album name is a throw away title that contradicts the emotional depth of the music and lyrics.


released June 12, 2012



all rights reserved


Andy Billington UK

Andy Billington is a singer songwriter from Southampton England.
Making music since his university days Andy has released 3 albums to date, all available to hear and download on this site.
Andy's mixes Indie with Pop Rock, blending in elements of Alternative Folk and Dream Guitar Music all expressed through melodic original songwriting.
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Track Name: Jet Pac
Can’t see the woods for the street lights, can’t see the truth for the headlines. It’s only when you’re truly alone that you can feel the change. Lord above what is wrong with me? I’m so caught up in all this misery, I see the light outside but I just can’t find my key.

It’s not a small world anymore, It’s not a small world anymore.

Playing Jet Pac on a January, near the start of all the misery. Name me the people who will look for me when I’m gone, when I’m gone. Some time in order to free your heart you have to filter your anger to come out in your art, it’s only when you’re truly alone that you can raise your game.

It’s not a small world anymore, It’s not a small world anymore.

It’s like I’ve just woken up and come out of my dreams and the world is still spinning twice as fast for me. And my fears are all fresh and clear in my mind, I never thought I’d ever make it past 29. Can you hear yet the way that I write my songs, I’m still trying to sus out if you or I are wrong. History you git you’re so good at stealth, phew for a moment there I found myself.

It’s not a small world anymore, It’s not a small world anymore.
Track Name: What If
What if the world fall round my feet, What if I never really reach? What if my heart can’t take the heat what if the world’s out on a lease?

What if the find the real me? What if the sun melts my veneer? What if I never shake this fear? I just need to know that you’re near!

I wanna know the beach where they find the place they get the sands of time, so sorry it must be a lie, time is up, life’s cruel rhyme.

And I wonder where you are. And I wonder if you are. I’m standing here in theses streets which have no name, with china in my hand, I might as well jump.
Track Name: Feburary 29
Track Name: Movie Stars
The night is thin, the air is so dry, I could suffocate for the light. The pain of its bite.

And the seconds seem to bend round backwards and turn in on them selves, while the moon falls gently to the ground,

All the faces entertained, leaves the meaning in disarray.

And we all believed that she was the one who shone just like the sun. And the world looked on.

And I think that we’re all, all just movie stars who crash our shiny cars, burning bridges near and far. See no moon tonight just a million stars.

All the faces entertained, looking out gives you eye strain. As the decade goes down, see the flowers hit the ground.