by Andy Billington

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Mountjoy was originally written in the years leading up to 2002. It was re-mastered in 2009. It is a culmination of songs that I had written from University days (mid 90's) up to 2002. It's an album full of hope and confusion reflecting an attempt to connect with myself.


released February 29, 2012



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Andy Billington UK

Andy Billington is a singer songwriter from Southampton England.
Making music since his university days Andy has released 3 albums to date, all available to hear and download on this site.
Andy's mixes Indie with Pop Rock, blending in elements of Alternative Folk and Dream Guitar Music all expressed through melodic original songwriting.
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Track Name: Someday Soon
Someday Soon I'll be getting through and I know that you, you'll be coming too, yeah yeah.

It's been a while since I saw that smile and you know that I'd run the second mile,

And I know that your soul full of gold that they stole.

Long ago when the rivers rose, this love that flowed never let you go, yeah yeah.

Well I feel I'm feeling kind of shy breathing some what slow not sure where to go,

''Cause I know that my soul wants to hold onto your hand,

And I know that your soul wants to buckle and fold all gone cold,

But I'm told throw that stone in the well of your heart, hear it bounce hear it spark.
Track Name: Welcome Home
Welcome home, so happy to see you, I've been waiting so long to say those words to you. How do you feel and where have you been? I hoped that some day some way some day... you'd come.

I knew it would be soon, I hoped you knew that too. I hoped I always always... knew.

And now that you're here so far from your fear, you know I'll always, always be near. Welcome home, come back home, please come home.

And I want to go home be alone with my Dictaphone. I know you'll be my backbone. You've taken this long to see your real home, your life's been like a cyclone though your home before they'll ever see your headstone. Since that place that's shaped just like an ice cream cone, I don't want to be a cornerstone drone it all seems to crumble like sandstone. I know it all feels like it's on postpone though your soul is glowing like a gemstone, still what you reap is just what you've sown. In the end it's all worth it though, good can come from every broken bone. I don't want to go down with a millstone, till the day I stand before you on the last day and hear those words I've needed all the way.

Throw me a line. Pull me out of line. I feel like I'm coming apart so stitch me up.

Throw me a smile, pull me out of night. I feel like I'm going under this time
Track Name: Planet Lonely
Feeling nothing in the morning, I'm like a leper to my pain. Faith is so cold hope is melting, I just sit and count the day's.

Planet Lonely

Maybe if we had a problem, we'd be worth somebody's love.

Planet Lonely

I wanna steal somebody's memories, mine belong to someone else. Have no future have no history, all been bruised by these bombshells.

Planet Lonely.
Track Name: Marzipan
Summer looks like Spain, England's got the rain, kiss the hand the train. There you go again, forget that I'm your friend. Too late to make amends.

Winter sounds like Wham, tastes of Marzipan, starlight coloured tan.

Got something to say, fall down the alleyway, I'll get to her someway. Wait for me.
Track Name: Out There
I have no sense of wrong or right. I'm like a bird quiet in the night.

So guide me into the still, out from myself to you. Catch me, I'm falling from the sky, racing down below

Life seems to twist, it's spinning away. Fleeting like a shadow, lost along the way.

I need you more than my life, choking on her words that cut me like a knife. Change is all that I have left, you are my breath. I need answers to my pain, cut off from this shame from you. Out there the rain is on the street. Got to hold onto this hope.
Track Name: Love
You wake up one day and you realise. It's slipping by out the corner of your eyes. Six years is such a long long time. The way you treat your friends is so sublime.

But there's just one thing in this bad old world- Love.

You live your life like it's a countdown. Watching the time mustn't linger behind. Feelings just like orange peelings, air brush your walk down the isle and you wake up in denial. What's the sell by date of your boy band smile? One day all of this will slow right up until the next great war, haven't quite been here before. Find the answers in the coloured letters on your fridge, it's hard to fly with your wings clipped.

But there's one last thing i this bad old world- Love.
Track Name: Monsters
I used to walk along the alleyway. The year that Superman met Doomsday. She heard my songs and she read the words felt the edge and the emptiness inside.

I was playing devils advocate, seeing as were all surrogate, I was practicing my caught in the headlights look, the day we all sat in the pub, split my year in two.

You never wanted me there anyway, I tried so hard to be in your life your friendly every day social christ You just slid off the edge of my life, drifted away.

So all the papers in the morning, they all missed this subtle moment's spin. And the monsters hiding in the headlights below the supermarket din.
Track Name: When She's Gone
Track Name: Flying High
I'm midway through a song and I suddenly realise its pitch black it's cold as hell, quiet as my cry for help. I stare out at the people who lay out their souls caught between God something and their holes I mean what's the big story really- is it really what you say it is?

Flying high up in the sky, too high to catch me if I fall or to hear me call.

He's a message of freedom to bring it's time for me to leave the big top 'cause what he wants I've not got. Breathe on my friend, pretty soon we'll end and you'll fly way up high in the sky.

Around the stars dazzling white, in the darkness of the void do you hear the voices call?

Flying high, flying high.

All the songs they sing, all the questions they bring, all the words they hear all the salt in the tears. Discerning through a look, waiting for the hook value that they took, friends you have to book. Why is it that we're here? Share each other's tears, friends are more than peers last for more than two years. I don't care what you say, abandoned by the way. She was the reason I heard one day.
Track Name: '95.